Off softy and NERDS.....

Times are getting harder. For me and for everyone..
I had always been the type who would sit in front of my desk, open my books and read all day long
People used to say that Im a bookworm and too softhearted..
So much to the extend that I was called "skema"
Even now Im sure there are still many that sees me with the same tagline...
Honestly, Im not easy with that
I brought about the will to change
To swift shift to someone different
Someone somewhat better
I dedicated my time for sports, carrying injuries and scars from games to games
I trained my body hard to be built as an athelete
For to show that I am not just the studying type
And prove that one can excel in both, academics and outdoor activities
I am not soft, nor am I weak
But for how far I run, I would always be the same inside
I guess that is who I am
For who we are, is always we
And for all the things we dislike about ourselves, it is a sin, a sort of crime to see it as a weakness, but instead, accepting it as privelege and always be thankful and happy
If that is what Allah deceided for us, that is who Allah wants us to be

For me, its naive to think that by reading, studying and a little bit of hard work alone would determine ones success
Having straight A's would ensure good achievement in life
Guiding one to a brighter future
The good doctors are not the nerds
One that can spend and endure hours of reading
One that do not prefer to mix with all, and do not seek social skills
One that is book-based thinking, and spiritually empty
This is not the ideal doctors we would wanna be
By time, practically, all will be much less equal wether you're a high achiever, or low scorer
Yet do not take studying easy
Good grades should always be aim and work for
just never leave everything behind
Medic is priority
But Islam, soft-skills, self-improving and social relationship are not number 2s

As for me, Im still a bit inorganised at the moment
Studies..... Not so good
So many things to do, so many things to learn yet, so little time
But I believe the stronger the burden, the stronger the force
And that very force wil push me to new heights, to a new level
Even if I will fall halfway, I would still be happy that I tried
We plan, the rest is left to HIM
Our job is just to keep walking forward and never look back
And we pray that this is the right path
We pray that we never get loss
We pray that Allah, is the one that shows it

Hopefully insyaAllah

Pabila kamu punya kelemahan..

Bila satu kali kamu naik sebuah kapal mengharungi lautan luas. Kapal itu ternyata sudah rosak. Layarnya banyak berlubang, kayunya banyak yang reput, bahkan kabinnya penuh dengan sampah bauan kotoran akibat manusia. Lalu apa yang kamu lakukan untuk tetap sampai pada tujuan?"

Apakah kamu memilih untuk terjun ke laut dan berenang sampai tujuan?"

Bila kamu terjun ke laut, sesaat kamu akan merasa senang. Bebas dari bau kotoran manusia, merasakan kesegaran air laut, atau bebas bermain dengan lumba-lumba. Tapi itu hanya sesaat. Berapa kekuatan kamu untuk berenang sampai tujuan? Bagaimana bila ribut datang? Dari mana kamu mendapat makan dan minum? Bila malam datang bagaimana kamu mengatasi hawa dingin?"

Bagaimana bila ternyata kereta yang kamu bawa dalam menempuh jalan itu ternyata rosak dan bermasalah? Kamu akan berjalan kaki meninggalkan kereta itu tersadai di tepi jalan atau mencuba memperbaikinya?

Bila ada satu dua kelemahan dan kesalahan, janganlah hal itu meresahkan perasaan. Sebagaimana ALLAH SWT menghapus dosa manusia dengan amal baik mereka, hapuslah kesalahan mereka di mata dengan amal-amal kebaikan-kebaikan mereka.

Futur, mundur lemah atau bahkan berpaling menjadi lawan bukanlah jalan yang masuk akal. Apabila setiap ketidakkesepakatan selalu diselesaikan dengan jalan itu maka apakah dakwah ini dapat berjalan dengan baik?

Dan apabila punya kelemahan... Berdepan dengan kekuatan... Gahkan langkah berjalan. Ini jalan kami.....

France Malaysian student life report

Many of us thinks living in egypt is like living in the
worst part of the world...
I urged you to take back your words...
Honestly,we have no idea what the world tends to unfold...
Those places we outta think best, but on the base of reality,
we deviates way far from the truth
Yes many of us dream to study here... Anywhere from malaysia...
Yet we failed to realized how generous the land had been for us...
Pictures may be fun and a picture worth a thousand words..
However my friends.. No picture can stand up to the picture
Allah blessed to us... Our own eyes.... The images we see here
tells the actual story and they never lie

I cheerish my time in france.. Things I learned will leave a permanent
spot in my remembrance
As fun as the experience I gained passing by historical,
imperdible places, not as much joy I shared with my stay with friends..
I walked through their life in france
And even if I had never wished to set foot in egypt,
never tried to lay love one bit, I would still be grateful as greatly as I
am now
To compare us with those living there, and yet we grumble
over things here in this land of pharoah, would be shameful

Student Allowances :
Keep in mine how luxury we live here
Some or should I say most of us even manage to save money more
than half from what we receive from our sponsers monthly...
Most of them, they struggle to save even 10%

How hillarious that including me, we thought that petronas
(UTP) sponsored student are the wealthiest among students
studying abroad
Just another false persumption
Allow me to say that this is not entirely true
Not for those living in France at least
For JPA sponsered student they are given 900euro/month
UTP sponsered student 700euro/month
We would normally say :
Well, I think they are the ones who deserve to say that to us
They receive a larger amount, but spend just as much
Such high cost of living...

Lets compare :

House rent
Egypt : 15ooe.p.= mini mansion/banglo = RM981.80
France : 210euro = mini apartment(9 meter square) = RM1155

Food (rice and chicken)
Egypt : 10ep.(hadarul maut) = burpppppppppppppppp!!!!! = RM6.54
France : 7euro = alhamdulillah = RM38.50

Egpyt (tram) = 25 piastres = any distance = RM0.15
France (metro) = 1.60euro = any distance = RM8.80

I compared only 3 aspects..
Dont make me laugh if these values surpriced you

Friday prayer (Solat jumaat)
One of the best experience
We needed 30 minutes to get to the nearest mosque
And yes, we need to use the bus and the subway metro train
Don't you think its cruel that we over here needing only a few
steps take it lightly when we don't attend to the mosque early???
We went to the biggest one in Lyon and apparently, is was not
that big and not big enough
The "kutbah" was mix in arabic fusha and french

You should see how much people donates money to the mosque hoping for more space as their number just keep growing
And their believe is high
They hold Islam stronger
They are qualities that we rarely see
Who knows the next Salehuddin is born from france

One thing Im really surprice is that our friends in france study in french
Don't forget that france is a country that are so proud of their language
and rejects english as the international language
Our students understand them fully without needing repeation
They even watch movies in french
Speaking fluently than any of us who speak egypt local language (ammi)
In Malaysia, some of us are expose to arabic language learning since
primary school so catching up the language here isn't so difficult
Have they ever learned it in Malaysia before????

Whenever assingment are late.. 0 for you
When asked bout smething and their dun know the answer, insults comes flying in
Makes us look like crybabies over here dun you think???

Friendship (UKHWAH)
One of the most beautifull thing I have ever seen
Their numbers are small
300 all together for the entire country
And they live separately according to their universities and course
Laughing like pure brothers when they meet
Rarely they quarrel over one another
We with all the Islamic values exposure here is way out of their league
We fail to get bonds between each other
Still keeping jealousy to our friends
Holding their progress back and bringing them down
Even for something small, we tend to fight for months and years
Spreading bad news
Not being considerate
Sadly I had to tell them all this

They are the community to look up to
Take these good examples and bring them within ourselves
We can make a change for our wrong doing
Feel happy living in Egypt
And feel happy living in Malaysia
Alhamdulillah for all our shortcomings wherever we are

*sorry, im kinda lazy to upload my pictures in france here. Feel free to vist my facebook for viewing :)