Who Moved My Cheese?

Assalammualaikum W.B.T.

I almost forgot how fun it is to write. MEMOIRS OF ASYRAF have treasure many great stories of my life. Every now and then, when I read back on all the things I had wrote, I started smilling at myself. How beautiful this life that ALLAH has grant for me. Alhamdulillah, as I grow older, I begin to understand little by little of all the things I had experience before. Every happiness, every sadness.. For every tears, joy and fears along the way.. At times I would take a stand and spun into action confidently.. At times when I didn't know what to do.. I guess that is just normal.. For us to learn on every mistakes, every wrong decisions, every triumph and every satisfaction.. As we look for a better person inside.. To grow and enslaves ourselves to Allah.. And cheerish our love ones with joy and laughter..

This blog had been a benchmark for me.. Of how far I have come.. As when post are edited and time pass by, I reflect upon myself. Did I improve on the way I think? Did I improve on the way I write?

Life had never been the same for me lately.. As if I starting to find myself again.. Experiencing new experiences, new challenges that demands great changes.. I was never a leader before.. Though I had some experience leading small groups of people, leading a large group is something I never knew.. So I fear I would fail as one.. And how I am going to be able to answer in front of Allah about my responsibilities.. As even smaller responsibilities I might had failed to carry it out well.. I even remembered not long before in the second year that I was thrembling when I was reciting the morning class prayers in front of the lecture hall..

Rasulullah s.a.w bersabda yang maksudnya :”Ia (iaitu kepimpinan) adalah amanah dan di akhirat ia menjadi kehinaan dan penyesalan kecuali mereka yang mengambilnya dengan hak dan melaksanakan tanggungjawab yang diamanahkan di dalamnya.”
Hadis Riwayat al-imam Muslim

A concern friend and senior gave me encouragement.. He lend me a book entitled "Who Moved My Cheese?" A book that tells an amazing story about how to adapt to changes in work and in life.
A story about four imaginary characters. The mices : Sniffy and Scurry and the Littlepeople : Hem and Haw who moves in a maze, searching to enjoy cheese.

Sometimes we may act like Sniffy, who sniffs out changes early, or Scurry, who scurries into action, or Hem, who denies and resists change as he fear it will lead to something worse, or Haw, who learns to adapt in time when he sees changing can lead to something better.

Having cheese makes you happy

They Keep Moving The Cheese

Get Ready For The Cheese To Move

Imagining yourself enjoying new cheese helps you to it

Savor the adventure and enjoy the taste of new cheese!

So I encourage myself
This is a path to give and make others happy
A path to unite people, and move them to common goal.. SUCCESS!!

All of us are leaders, and all of us will be questioned about our responsibilities to Allah, to our religion, to our family, and our friends..
And life becomes so much meaningful when we give something..
I know I don't have much.
Sometimes, I myself will get discourage and break down
But I will always have a good team of leaders with me
And I know they will always give the best
And everybody else will too
To work and support each other. And everybody can contribute to peoples's success in their own unique way

Daripada Abu Hurairah r.a. daripada Nabi SAW, Baginda telah bersabda:
Barangsiapa yang melepaskan seorang mukmin daripada satu kesusahan daripada kesusahan-kesusahan dunia, nescaya Allah akan melepaskannya daripada satu kesusahan daripada kesusahan-kesusahan Qiamat. Barangsiapa yang mempermudahkan bagi orang susah, nescaya Allah akan mempermudahkan baginya di dunia dan di akhirat. Barangsiapa yang menutup ke'aiban seorang muslim, nescaya Allah akan menutup ke'aibannya di dunia dan akhirat. Allah sentiasa bersedia menolong hambaNya selagi mana dia suka menolong saudaranya...
Hadis riwayat al-imam Muslim

Though I may fail
InsyaAllah, I'll be giving it everything