Animate It

Wowww.. finally a post for september..
In the past, I had been getting feedbacks from some friends that when it comes to writing in english they wouldn't care to read at all
The reason why I reduce my english writing and write more in Malay
However, may I stress that as important as mastering the arabic language, english is too
It is a skill
A way we can communicate with non-malay friends, patients, and doctors better
A way to earn their respect and interest in us as future muslim doctors
And knowledge as we know, will never be a waste to learn..
Besides, I have non-malay friends who prefer to read in english, so, I'll be using this language from time to time..

The holidays are eating me alive..
Too much of free times seems a little overwhelming for me to handle though I tried my best trying to fulfill it up with good things to do..
Yet, still, some precious seconds are wasted here and there
3rd year in medicine will be introducing itself soon..
Hopefully I can manage my commitments more systematically this time..
InsyaAllah, wishing to go relentless and all out..

My dad had always been my greatest inspiration
My siblings and I, we were 4 all together.. And when one of us seems to be slow in learning, we would push each other's back and encourage ourselve.. And since young, we were guided by dad to work hard and score more grades..

For dad, all of his siblings didn't even bother to excell in studies..
And all of them since before, works in the market and sell fishes for a living..
He alone, with a little bit of determination and will to change were able to break out of the cocoon of a mediocre life to continue his studies abroad in Manchester..
Now, living a life as a lecturer and earning the title of doctor of philosophy..
Mom said he was a slow learner, yet he studied hard and smart to get to where he is..

When there is a will, there will always be a way
Nonsense about having to be a genius to succeed
All you need is efforts, prayers and "tawakal" as to leave everything else to the Most Wise Allah S.W.T.
I have my inspiration here and Im sure everybody have theirs..
So start strong, FINISH strong..

For friends studying in egypt, lets all work hard for the coming 3rd year insyaAllah..
And friends studying in Malaysia, study hard too..
Dakwah is dakwah, studying to be an excellant doctor shouldn't be left behind..
Wishing the best for everyone..
Bil Tawfiq wa Najah ^_^