Hidup Dalam Dunia Yang Bersyukur

Selalunya aku yang cuba beri motivasi kepada orang. Kali ini aku yang dimotivasi. Daripada seorang sahabat SR. Shukran.. :)

"Bersyukur kepada Allah atas orang yang menyakitimu kerana dialah orang yang menabahkan hati kamu, bersyukur kepada Allah atas orang yang tidak mengendahkan kamu kerana dialah orang yang memupuk berdikari kamu, bersyukur kepada Allah atas orang yang menjatuhkan kamu kerana dialah orang yang memperhebatkan ability kamu, bersyukur kepada Allah atas orang yang menggurismu kerana dialah orang yang menguji kesabaran kamu. Hargai orang yang menyentuhmu kerana mereka sahabat terbaik"

Hai orang-orang yang beriman, jadikanlah sabar dan solat sebagai penolongmu, sesungguhnya Allah beserta orang-orang yang sabar.
Al-Baqarah ayat 153

Sekarang Allah telah meringankan kepadamu dan dia telah mengetahui bahwa padamu ada kelemahan. Maka jika ada diantaramu seratus orang yang sabar, niscaya mereka akan dapat mengalahkan dua ratus orang kafir; dan jika diantaramu ada seribu orang (yang sabar), niscaya mereka akan dapat mengalahkan dua ribu orang, dengan seizin Allah. Dan Allah beserta orang-orang yang sabar.
Al-Anfaal ayat 66

Tidak kira nikmat atau musibah, segala ketentuan Allah itu ada Rahmatnya. Ada Rahimnya. Ada hikmah sebaliknya.
Sedangkan Rasullah SAW semasa berdakwah di Thoif dicampakkan dengan batu sepanjang perjalankan baginda pulang. Sehinggakan kasutnya dipenuhi darah.
Jadi kenapa perlu bersedih atas perkara-perkara kecil?
Semangat beransur pulih
Alhamdulillah X3 :)

Step by Step

Writers note :
I have been thinking a lot these days. Can't seem to give full attention in class. I don't have confidence to speak upfront at the moment. Well at the very least, writing helps me space out from everything for awhile. Alhamdulillah for my studies and my work. Finally able to get the right mixture..

Sometimes I look back in time. When I almost lost myself completely in my teenage life. I had a dream. To have the best education and succeed in life. To have a lovely family, a nice comfy home to live, and a rewarding workplace to enjoy. But that was it. Nothing more. I look back in time when I improve almost nothing in terms of my understanding towards Islam. I knew little about the Quran and my recitation was poor. I didn't live myself the way Islam wishes for me to live. Born as a muslim. And made myself another brick on the wall. Another of the million bubbles in the sea.

Not to say than I am better as the way I am now. But I am learning. And given a platform to build, I am happy. My strides aren't big. And every now and then, while climbing up I fall. As they say, the more you know something, the harder the challenges, the bigger the responsibilities. We hear a lot of stories about our Prophet and His Companions. Their lives was never sugar and rainbows. Yet for every hardship they stood tall. Enduring every saddess and sorrows. Spreading the words of Allah. And even after our Prophet passed away, the struggle continues. Until the day when Islam shines bright on the Malayan peninsula. Until today, where we are able to live as a muslim and enjoy Islam.

The golden question we need to ask ourselve is did all this came easy? And did it took just a day or two? For if success is what we chase, then there will always be sacrifices. Patience is the key. Imagine two birds flying up to the sky. A bird flew with only one wing yet the wing is strong and it went up fast and high. The other with a complete pair of wing yet not as strong as the other. Going up slowly. In the end, the bird with only one wing grew tired and fell. And it took it some time to fly again. The other bird with two complete wings fell at times. Yet it kept flew up again. And kept on going higher and higher. To a level where a bird so small could only dream off. And it stayed up. Enjoying the great view from above.

A person may look to improve himself fast and high. But if the basic understanding is not strong, when demotivated, one can always fall hard and never rise again. But with throughout understanding and steadiness in improving, he will fly high. And stay there as long as he wishes too. As long as there are effort to maintain well. Sacrifices will follow.

Character building take times. The outcome may not be seen in two or three years. But to build slowly, progressively, and continuously. Recheck and follow up. And in about 5 years or more, the results will be fruitful. Because "tarbiyyah" is for a life time. We continue to build even after we graduate from campus life, for years and years to come. To be a "Rijal" that is able to touch the life of others. Breeding new hope for future generations. And the cycle continues as our soul takes it leave from this temporary world we live. Where others are able to enjoy Islam the way we are.

So cheer up. Yesterday might be bitter but tomorrow might be better. As long s we are steadfast in this road of da'wah. Moulding ourselve step by step. Moulding others along the way. Towards a goal crystal clear. Towards a future me, and my generations living ever so bright! InsyaAllah..