Just another troublesome kid

I remember when I was young
Perhaps, I was the most hardest of my siblings to handle
The one that cause mom most of her troubles

I remember when I was in nursery school
Mom had to wait outside the classroom door the entire learning hour
Had she move one step away, I would be crying and the teachers couldn't do a thing
the only cure for me was for her to be back

I remember when I was standard four and refuse to go to school
Mom dragged me in the car by force and sent me in front of the school gate
She waited for me to step in school and start class
Yet there I was running away
She had to chase me back and had no choice but to bring me along with her to work

I remember when I was in form 1
Had my leg broke
Wearing a cast for 5 weeks long
She had to wait outside of school and pick me up everyday
Still I took my sweet time enjoying life after school hours with friends
Being late to show up in front of the school gate

I smoked once.. Being involve in a gang fight

Things I did was frustrating
The burden I place was suffocating
Things to embarrassing, to shameful to tell
She was a single mom and worked a full-time job
Having four children going to four different schools
Still manage to cook and pick her children home
Yet I had never been the best of son to her
Even being all grown up behaving more or less the same

Just another child imperfect and full of sins
I'm sorry for the way I was, and the way I am
Forever trying to be the person you want me to be
In the end, just another troublesome kid =(