We Are Muslim, Achievers We Are

We are steadfast in this road of dakwah. Encouraging people to do goodness and preventing people from doing harms on earth. We are hardworking “Da’i”. Giving our best with our own unique specialities. Contributing for our beloved ummah. And we, like any other muslim, faithfully hope for Allah blessings in return. So why do we need to have good grades?

Today’s campus life we see the one who seems strong spreading the words of Allah, the hadith of the prospect, are the one to be left behind in terms of academics. Not all of course. These people devote their life towrds Islam, and they are among the busiest among undergraduates. As to say their move Islam. Trying to touch the life of others that seems to still be lost without aims to achieve in life. And with no aim, there will be no motivations. And with no motivation, there will never be any effort to improve oneself.

My friends. Let remind ourselves and open our eyes about “tarbhiah”. We often hear about it, talk about it, claim to be in it. But have we truly understand its true meanings. Literally, tarbhiah means molding. And In many instance, we take “tarbhiah” as only to mold ourselves to improve on our understandings towards Islam, improves our way of reciting the Quran, and to share our knowledge with others around us. And in return, praying in would strengthen our belief for this religion and catalyze our deeds. True. But conceptually, the meaning of “tarbhiah” is way broader than any of us can imagine. To have a strong believing heart is “tarbhiah”. To have good knowledge about Islam is “tarbhiah”. Do be able to perform the best of deeds. To be excellant in academics. To be strong physically and good at sports. To be a great leader. To have a respectable personality. Until one day people with question how is it possible to achieve such level? And our answer will only be one. Because of our “tarbhiah”! To set the standards and take a leading role in everything. Of course, some may say that we are born with different talents. But can we be satisfied if we fail to at least try to give our best in everything?

Exams. Most will take it lightly. “By hook or crook” as long as we pass, insyaAllah everything will be okay. But our religion is complete. And academics is another battlefield for our dakwah. We pray as hard, work as hard. And may our achievement signifies the strength of our ummah. So I bring this message to all, Islam needs good achievers. And those good achievers, are you!!

Surah Ali 'Imran
110. Kamu adalah umat yang terbaik yang dilahirkan untuk manusia,

P/S : All the best to all 3rd year for our practical exams and final exams. May Allah bless those who work hard.