Because we value Tolerance

A young man once came to his Shaykh to ask for his help in choosing his wife who would be his life-partner.

The shaykh said "What are the qualities you want in your wife?"

He replied, "She has to be good looking, tall, with lustrous hair and a beautiful scent. She should cook delicious food and talk sweetly. Someone when I look at her, she pleases me, and when I am away, she safeguards herself in my absence. She should nnot disobey me, and I shouldn't have to fear her evil. She must also take pride in religion and enjoy wisdom."

The man continued to mention all the good qualities in women that he would like to see in that one woman.

When the Shaykh thought he had heard to much, he said to the man, "My son, I know a person who fits the description."

He replied "Where?"

The shaykh said "In Paradise, with the permission of Allah"

As for this world, be tolerance, and all the joy shall be yours..