Towards a Successful Doctor and Daie

And they though it way easy

There is this story about a man name Hasan Ath-Thawil, who was a farmer, registering his name as a volunteer in an expedition to war against Israel. He left behind his family, his farm, and all sort of things he loved in the cause of Allah. And not only that, he even sold his buffalo (which is for a farmer considered as an asset to trade in agriculture) to buy weapon in terms to defend the holy land of Palestina. When Ahmad Al- Abbas the district chief said : O Hasan, leave the buffalo for your family, you have enough sacrifice yourself and putting your life on the line. It is the duty of others who do not struggle with his life to carry out sacrifice in terms of properties.

Hasan being someone who really understands the religion answered : Didn't Allah Almighty mention in the Quran :

''strive with your wealth and your lives in the way of Allah''

did you ever forget about the verse :

"Verily Allah have purchased from the believers, themselves and their property by providing heaven for them. "(At-Tawbah: 111)

Do you mean we will gain something without paying the price?

* In times I have been struck by dilemma.. to learn more about Islam, and give in more towards it teaching or commit more in terms of academics. I have always been on the back foot ever since I got to know its importance.. Feels like compared to anyone else, I still have so much to learn and improve.. I want to learn more, and work more for the good of others. Especially the ones I love. But at the same instance, It is also a must for me to be excellent in studies. To be a medical student and doctor people looked up too. At time when I was doing well in ''tarbiyyah & dakwah'', my studies let me down. At time when I was outstanding in my studies, 'tarbiyyah & dakwah' seems a little lacking.. if only one could be excellent in everything that easy.. For every good things there will always be prices to pay. Towards a successful doctor and daie..