Its open to the public really. I am one of the third year SR, and I am ISMA. Ready and willing to commit to ISMA with all that I have. Some may ask why do I decide so? With all the rumours around. People questioning and taking about us here and there.. The sayings are loud to the extend that some friends became afraid to reveal themselve as ISMA. Afraid that the public perception to them will be different. The way they are treated will be different. Others may not accpet them anymore. And worst, which is feared the most, friends may walk away and never be the same. Yes, I admit, to understand ISMA fully is not easy. In fact there are times when I had my doubts. A different way of thinking, some sort alienated, takes time to be accepted and fought for.

It was two years back when I was invited. Initially, I accepted the invitation as to change myself. I saw it as an oppurtonity to be educated, trained and shaped to be someone better. I had nothing in me before. With a broken family, and a broken dream. For somebody who never enjoyed an islamic-based education at school. Somebody who had never came accross the word "tarbhiah" before. A nobody, who owns very little, yet lost so much along the way. The call was a shimmering light of hope. A path that opens to a new me.

I was happy. Happy with some great individuals that was willing to guide me. With friends who shares the same virtue to be someone better than yesterday. Usrah became a paradise on earth. "Murabbi", "Mad'u", "Biah" and "Manhaj", The four elements blend together creating the right formula of success. Day by day I felt improvement. Even such small ones. I felt at peace. The ones who guided us didn't ask for anything in return in doing their work. They will not get money, nor will they get fame. Certainly not power. Instead, almost every penny they had extra they will spend it for ISMA, for tarbhiah. Believe it or not, some of them in ISMA only ate white rice and boiled egg everyday. Some may not even enjoy boiled egg. They did not enjoy whealth. Yet they were thankful and appreciate what they had. Something that was kept secret. Something I just happen to know a few days back. I shed tears. Because all they aim for are blessings from Allah and nothing more. So how would I say that what they are fighting for are wrong???

Sometimes I wonder, as a simple thought, we are trying to do good to people, yet some hate us so much. Even when we did nothing wrong to others. Yet mocked so often. Issues are provoked. For every doubt I had in my mind, I will always asks those who are more experienced in this congregation. Discuss the issues together. A two way conversation that have always been fruitful. They would welcome any question and gave the best explaination to me. Futher strenghtening my believe. Because ISMA had never dominated me. Never forced me to do anything. All they did was laid me a way to improve and contribute towards myself, my families, my friends and the society. I didn't follow blindly. I would seek every reasons behind any stand and action ISMA made. And with my own heart, I choose to believe, be involved and work along.

Even if I am a member of ISMA, insyaAllah, never had I not gave 100% to my responsibility as a student representative (SR). A trust given to me by friends. Something I cannot bare to ignore. Alhamdulillah, my SR teammates, rahmat, alia and nabiha was very understanding. They trusted be to do my best in both field. Not so long now, I will step down my place. And someone better will replaced me. My time as a SR will end. Hopefully, even if its not much, I had contributed something to my beloved doctors of 2014.

Here in Alexandria, Egypt, ISMA is still new. And in certain areas, we still need a little bit of improvement. Strenght comes first before numbers. And strenght will be our stage where we will continue to built and grow. As for where I am now, my faith is indivisible. With Allah blessings we receive guidance. ISMA acts as a medium that was able to touch me, and moved me closer to work for Allah blessings. As a person in debt, I wish to return the favour I received. So those who said bad things about ISMA, they have actually said bad things to something that was able to show the good in me. This is what ISMA means to me.

Hence, I will walk this path. Wishing to work harder than ever from now on. ISMA is a medium. The goal is Allah. To foster the generation of hope. Together..


Bagaimana suatu hari nanti, andai aku punya RM10000 dalam simpanan. Dan aku ingin infaq kesemuanya untuk perbelanjaan program ikhwah, adakah si dia akan memahami?
Bagaimana suatu hari nanti, andai aku mengikuti program-program jaulah bersama ikhwah, tiada di rumah 3-4hari, mengikuti program-program Qiamulail, bolehkah si dia mengerti?
Bagaimana andai pendapat kami berbeza, pendirian kami berbeza, jalan dakwah kami berbeza, bolehkah kami saling menyokong?
Andai setiap pagi aku bekerja, setiap malam aku menghabiskan masa bersama mad'u, usrah, bermusyawarah bersama teman-teman seperjuangan, bolehkah si dia menerima?

Bagaimana andai aku jatuh hati pada seseorang, dan dia tidak selari dengan fikrahku, tidak menerima jalan tarbhiahku, bagaimana andai aku tidak memahaminya untuk memahamiku, bolehkah kami bersama???

Akhirnya atas diri sendiri, andai berbeza fikiran dan cara, andai tidak memahami antara satu sama lain sekalipun, Ya Allah, kau berikanlah kami bakal keluarga yang bahagia atas iman dan taqwa..

Mak Ayah kerja apa?

"Ayah kerja kilang, mak ambil upah menjahit, adik-beradik ramai, kecik-kecik lagi semua.. Sekolah Rendah dapat RMT, best hari-hari dapat makan free! dapat buku pinjaman. SPM cemerlang. Cikgu-cikgu bagi hadiah sikit. Dapat duit tolong mak ayah.. Masuk universiti alhamdulillah, terima biasiswa. Ada duit simpanan sikit, boleh belikan adik-adik baju raya. Itulah yang mendorong kami belajar, siapa lagi yang nak mengubah nasib family"

Aku tersenyum. Cerita-cerita tentang keluarga yang hidup susah. Mak Ayah bersusah-payah mencari rezeki untuk membayar yuran sekolah anak-anak. Anaknya belajar sungguh-sungguh dengan harapan, suatu hari nanti, dapat memberikan keluarganya hidup yang lebih selesa. Cita-cita yang menyentuh hati. Selalu terdengar, dan setiap kali terdengar, kisah mereka tidak pernah gagal memberikan aku inspirasi.

Sedangkan seseorang itu hidup senang, dibayarkan tuisyen beratus-ratus ringgit, dijemput pula guru persendirian mengajar di rumah. Buku-buku rujukan yang bertimbun. Maka apakah kita tidak bersyukur diberi kesenangan? Apakah kita masih tertangguh-tangguh mencari ilmu mengulangkaji pelajaran?

"Mana nikmat kamu yang manakah hendak kamu dustakan"
Surah Ar-Rahman

Sedar tidak sedar, ramai antara mereka yang kurang bernasib baik ada dikalangan kita.. Berpakaian biasa. Rendah diri. Namun sentiasa bersemangat mengejar sesuatu yang lebih baik.. Semoga cita-cita mereka untuk hidup gembira tercapai kelak :)

Multisystem Disorder Presentation

A comment from Dr Salleh after seeing my presentation video

"Assalammualaikum, asyraf, good presentation. it will be better if asyraf can show that u r in control of the presentation. meaning that asyraf should be at the computer not blocking the screen, asyraf can use a laser pointer and control slides from it. Path or mapping the presentation will help identifying few main points and a little pause within that point for the audience to follow. The slides are good and could be better with an advance tools in the powerpoint itself, such as links, videos, and so forth.. control on throwing out your voice with a higher tone for highlighting important points with pausing or repetition. make a good conclusion. it is suggested for asyraf to interact once in a while with audience if it is allowed, to keep track with them, anyhow, all the best, ayah proud of asyraf, keep up the good job, improve and be better where opportunities arises.."

Simply means that I need to be better. Alwayz room to improve.. :)