All life is a coming home
Doctors, Lawyers, Fisherman, Clerks, Meat slaughters
All of us
All of the restless hearts in the world
All trying to find a way home
The dictionaries define it as both a place of origin, and a goal or destination
Home is a place where someone belongs
A place where one's purpose and responsibilities feels being fulfilled
To enjoy all achievements, and smile with every hardship
Some may say that returning home is an act of repenting
For one who has strayed a path, haunted by his wrong doings
How timid can we be
How far can home be
Picture yourself walking for days in a driving snow
You don't even know you're walking in circles
The heaviness of your legs in the drifts
Your shouts disappearing in the wind
The storm
The storm was all in our mind
In the middle of the journey, we lost our path
Eventually, we will find the right path
But in the most unlikely of places
The serenity lies in the heart
In the middle of the struggle, we lost ourselves
Eventually, we will find the right self
In the strange unsung of happiness..

Yes, there will be hardship and worries

"Verily, in the remembrance of Allah, do hearts find peace"
Ar-Ra'd verse 28

Healing the Soul

"You treat a disease, you either win or lose, you treat a patient, you'll win no matter what the outcome"
So are the saying of someone who believe that medicine is so much more than merely preventing death.
Since when had the term "doctor" been treated with reverence such as
"yes doctor, please after you"
"good morning doctor, you look so elegant today, are you still single?"
"what do you want to eat today doctor?"
All the fame, the power, and wealth defines a doctor's profession most
At what point in history that a doctor becomes a person of worship, more then a trusted friend who visits and treat the ill

Medical students had become slaves to the medical world
As the world grows, advance research had contributed to more medical findings, more technologies.
So much to learn, so much to practice
Hence, we have lost the values, the morals
We are giving birth to handy robots instead of humans
Or may I say humans who have lost their sense of life
Who his heart is empty
And his fire to help the needy had burned out
Where the rituals he carry out are nothing but routines
Someone without long term goals, without agenda
And what have become of today's world?
We cure the body, but the soul is terminally ill
Left untreated for so long until the society have been in severe pain
We were ignorant in diverting our attention to the real threat

We repair broken bones and immobility, yet we did not repair his will to go to the mosque
We cure cardiac diseases, yet we do not cure his sensitivity to what is good, and what is bad for him
We treat respiratory problems, yet we do not treat him to appreciate and be thankful of every air we breath each day
We take away gastric symptoms, yet we fail in encouraging him to fast
If we are going to fight a disease then let us fight the most terrible disease of all..

Our effort had been restricted to what we learn in lectures
Our abilities had been confined to words and sentences in the 500page books
There are still so much to do for this "Ummah"
And where we stand today can never be a better place to start
The patients believe in you
They would come to your doorstep and say "Doctor, cut me open!"
Whom better to trust than a person who have guided them to better qualities of life?
So, reach your hand and share the lives of others
Share every tears, every laughter, every fantasies, every broken dreams
Open their eyes, open their heart
Welcome them to this faith that we enjoy as Muslims
Be the medicine of this sick society

And when death comes knocking at their door
Be there to treat the restless feeling
Be there to wipe the tears of repent
From someone who recalls and regrets all of his sins and dreadful deeds
Be there to tell about paradise
Be there to assure someone that Allah is Al-Mighty to forgive
Death is not the enemy
Why can't we treat death with a certain amount of humanity and dignity and decency
Every human being has an impact to one another
So why don't we want that in a patient/doctor relationship?

So this is my message to you
You can pass your exams, graduate and become typical doctors
In which the world are overloading with
Or you can go out of that mediocre life
Train yourself to be outstanding muslim doctors
One who does not only heals the body, yet he heals the soul..

Rasullah SAW said : Know that, verily inside the body lies a small piece of flesh, if the flesh is good, then the whole body is good. When it is corrupted, then the whole body is corrupt. Know that it is the heart