little things we overlook

What have I been doing all this time? with everything that happened last semester, with my personal problem and all.. 3 whole month of not being able to fully focus on my studying.. after finally getting a grip on things, I was studying for my own survival, studying to ensure at the very least, I will not have myself repeating any subject.. I gave it my all with what I have left to work for.. Without omitting every other commitments with the effort it deserve.. To the extend I neglect matters that should be fulfill to people around.. Seems that I failed dearly in my role to the society

For sure it was my worse semester ever.. The one that was doing quite ok in term of his academics had fall so far.. And somehow on this very day, the results was announced, and with God's permission I was able to pass.. thankful nevertheless, but looking across the sheets displeased me.. some of my batch-mates did not enjoy the same merit others are having.. How do it feel to see everyone else celebrating with their friends and families upon success that they achieve and you, left alone wandering when did everything went wrong.. A feeling I had never experienced myself so I can't really picture the real story.. For what I can say for a brief moment, my heart was singing out loud in pleasure but my soul was grieving in anguish.. It's not a matter about who is close to you and who are not.. Those are people seating among you in class.. Wanting the same achievement you do.. Working maybe twice as hard as you.. To think that it only hit me when things had already happened.. Guess I can only look forward and hope for some redemption in the mistakes I had done..

It's time we understand the true meaning of what the prophet SAW said :  ''A mosleem to a mosleem are similar to a building structure, keep on supporting one another after them''. Rasulullah SAW also mentioned that : ''Those (mosleem) who are not concerned about others, do not belong to them'' Time we care about all the little things we overlook. Little things that pass unnoticed.. You can't do everything but you can always do something.. Rasulluh said : ''If you can't do everything, don't leave everything'' Time to work more for the sake of others, without leaving what you have to achieve yourself..